Socks4 VS Socks5 Proxy, Which İs The Best?

Socks proxy is an intermediate server used by an internet server for the purpose of routing requests made and keeping them confidential. Decommissioned Socks proxy is an intermediate server used by an internet server for routing requests and keeping them confidential. 

Socks proxy is supported by internet browsers, games and other internet applications and can increase online privacy and security by masking the IP address of all user's activities on the internet. Socks4 and Socks5 are two different types of socks proxy and they offer different features.

What Are The Differences Between Socks4 And Socks5 Proxy Decodes? 

Socks4 and Socks5 are used as proxy protocols that are used to establish a secure and anonymous connection on the Internet. The differences between the two protocols are as follows Dec:

Supported Address Type: Socks4 supports only IP addresses, while Socks5 supports both IP addresses and domain names.

Authentication: There is no authorization for the Socks4 protocol, but there is a username/password authentication process for Socks5.

TCP and UDP Support: It has the ability to route TCP and UDP traffic with Socks5 support, but Socks4 only supports TCP traffic.

Performance: Socks5 works faster and more efficiently because it was designed as a more advanced protocol.

As a result, Socks5 has more features because it is a more advanced protocol and can be preferred for a more secure internet connection.

When Did Socks4 Proxy Come Out?

Socks4 was introduced as a tool in 1991. At that time, it was a time when the Internet was slow and access was prohibited in many places. Socks4 is a proxy protocol used to circumvent internet access restrictions and is still in use. However, nowadays, with the advent of more advanced proxy protocols (for example, Socks5), the use of Socks4 has decreased.

When Did Socks5 Proxy Come Out?

Socks5 is an internet protocol that emerged in 1996 as a follower of Socks4. Socks5 has a more advanced structure than Socks4 and offers more features. For example, Socks5 supports the UDP protocol, which is convenient for a secure encryption and further data transfer. In addition, Socks5 has the ability to establish a faster and more flexible connection than Socks4. Socks5 is used today in many applications such as internet browsers, anonymous browsing and VPN.

Who Prefers to Use Socks Proxy?

Socks proxy is a network protocol used for purposes such as routing internet traffic, increasing privacy and security. This protocol is a kind of proxy server that helps to increase the anonymity and confidentiality of data sent on the Internet.

People who prefer to use Socks proxy include those who want to increase internet security and privacy, those who want to access the Internet with banned sites, those who want to Decipher data on the Internet, and institutions that want to connect to the Internet from private networks with security.

Are Socks Proxies the Best?

There is no consensus that Socks proxy is the best. This may vary according to the user's needs, security, speed and price. Some users prefer security and anonymity as a priority, while others may prefer a balance of speed and price. Although Socks proxy has stronger security features than other proxy types, it can also be slower. In any case, the best one can vary according to the user's needs and preferences.

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