Meet the World's Oldest Proxy Server: CERN httpd

A proxy is a tool used for various purposes, such as ensuring anonymity on the Internet and providing access to disabled sites. As an interesting piece of information, I can say that there is a program called "CERN httpd", the oldest proxy server in the world.

About the World's Oldest Proxy Server

CERN httpd is a web server developed by Tim Berners-Lee at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) in 1990. Berners-Lee created this program so that scientists around the world could communicate with each other more easily. Unlike today's proxy servers, CERN httpd was not used as a tool to hide users' IP addresses.

Is CERN httpd Still in Use? 

CERN httpd is no longer used today, but it is an important technological development that contributed to the development of the Internet and the emergence of proxy servers.

How Did CERN httpd Work?

CERN httpd provides users with the content they want by searching for the files they want to access on the server while browsing the websites. In the development of the program, it had quite advanced features compared to the technological possibilities of the period. For example, it had features that made it easier for users to access the site with different browsers.

What is the Name of the World's First Server?

CERN httpd played an important role in the emergence of the World Wide Web. The program was used by the first web browsers "Line Mode" and "WWW". He is also recognized as the first web server.

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