The Cat Sitting On The Shaving Chair Like A Human Warmed The Hearts

Cats have always managed to warm the heart of mankind, whether it's their closeness to people or their cuteness. There are even people who are friends with cats.

A video shared on the Twitter platform today showed a barber shaving a cat with puffy hair and glasses on. What attracts attention is that the cat looks sweetly at the camera that is filming itself while shaving without any reaction. 

Here is that tweet:

The video shared with the title How did you convince the cat has been viewed hundreds of thousands and has been showered with likes.

Why Did Cats Become Enemies With Other Animals And Become Close Friends With Human Beings?

There are many possible reasons as to why cats are hostile towards some animals. These may include natural hunter instincts, competition, fear, a desire for protection, or previous negative experiences. Dec. Cats have a natural instinct as hunters and tend to hunt small animals, birds or mice. Therefore, cats may react with a hunting instinct towards some animals. The fact that cats are close friends with human beings is the result of a domestication process that has been going on throughout history. Humans have domesticated cats and lived with them for thousands of years. Cats may prefer to live with humans because their home environment provides them with safety, food and love. Cats that are regularly fed and loved by humans can develop dependence and love for humans.

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